Saturday, February 11, 2017

RVM-18 Trysil

RVM-18 will be held Mon 5- Sun 11 Mars 2018

the BEFORE : Mon 5 - Thu 8
the RVM-meeting: Fri 9 March 10:00 @ Turistcentrat - Sun 11 March 12:00

we will book a cabin depending on how many we are (hopefully a cabin for 12-20 people this time).
the people booking from start will pay less than if you decide to join later on

if you know that you want to join please let me know NOW!!!
(email me:

we all have to add some money to rent the cabin as soon as possible, I am NOT a bank, so people paying upfront will have a place...if you are late the chance to get a place in the cabin will be very limited

People that are interested (more than 90% sure they will come):

1. Stefan E.

2. Carl L.
3. Daniel H.

We will always keep some beds for foreign visitors (like Remy from during RVM-17)

see you at RVM-18  

the Monoski Sign

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